The Company changes and improves the recruitment and selection process of people. Since the company is growing and technological advance changes, the hiring process is now intense. Qualified applicants are more professional and fit for the job. The applicants are required to take examination and final interview before they are hired.


Quarterly evalutions are given to employees under probationary contract and training period. The evaluation is conducted by the branch manager and used it as a measure in making his/her recommendation whether to continue or to terminate the employment of the employee.

Regular employees are evaluated semi-annualy. This is to measure every employee’s performance in giving rewards/commendations, promotions, and/or salary increase.


The Management grants the right of employees to rest and avail the mandatory leave benefits policy. Motivational benefits were also designer by the management to ensure the commitment of employees and to help them feel secure with their employment in the company. In times of sickness, the employee will not worry on the expenses she or he may incur, because of the hospitalization and medical benefit that the management gives to them. Maternity of female employees were also given attention by the management. Aside from Philhealth and SSS benefits, all female regular employees can avail maternity expenses reimbursement to the company.


Incentive programs are designed as motivational factors to increase the efficiency and productivity of the people in the organization. CGS Solid designed an incentive programs that will help its employees to earn more at the same time ensures the efficiency in collection and high sales.

Profit sharing is also applied by the company to give security to employees and to make them more committed and dedicated to their work by making them feel they are part of the organization. Employees are treated as co-owners with the profit sharing scheme.


Air-conditioned offices and other facilities are provided to give a good working condition for fast, easy, and consistent result of work. Moreover, to give a good image and impression to customers, organized set up and good ambiance in offices is a factor to increase sale and give service to customers.

Safety measures are practiced and maintained in the company. Monitoring and implementation is the responsibilty of the branch manager.


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